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Pinetrax Recording is owned and operated by Dave Pine, a musician/engineer/producer who has over 35 years experience as a songwriter. He played in various bands until 1984 when he built Pinetrax. "I've written and many forms of music from rock, progressive rock, R & B, pop, blues, dixieland, jazz, fusion, classical, salsa, reggae, country...even polka! I still get out and gig now and then but mostly stick to the studio business".

As a producer Dave tries to push his clients to the next level of their musical abilities. As an engineer he can push that level a notch or two even higher, thanks to the great deal of and technical skills at his disposal.

"I'm not a yes man, If what you're performing doesn't feel right, is out of tune, or just doesn't sound right by fault of yours or mine, I'm going to say something about it and give options on how to correct it, preferably before it ever gets recorded and screws up a perfect take, tune the drums, fix line buzzes, fix guitar intonation, adjust pickups, oil squeeky kick drum pedals, or take change out of your pockets.

A lot of things can be fixed in the mix, but if it's just as easy to get it right when recording, it's only going to be better in mixdown because I won't be so preoccupied fixing things as I will be making things sound great.

On the other hand, I'm fully aware of what I can and can't fix in the mix with no artifacts, so if it's late, and you're singing your second to last song of the night, and the feelings there, but you're just a flat, it's no biggie, I'd rather have a performance a little out of tune with feeling that I can fix in the mix easily, than a perfect pitched punchy hoarse vocal.




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