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For 29 years, Pinetrax Recording Studio has delivered top-quality and production services for all styles of music. All at a great price!

And it just keeps getting better...

At Pinetrax you'll experience a comfortable, affordable, creative, recording studio environment, where you'll be respected as an artist, and valued as a client as well.

I'll work with you to the goals for your project, and then to develop an overall strategy for the project within your budget restraints. I've worked in a wide variety of music styles (check out the audio section) and can arrange and produce your final song or songs to fit the market you're targeting.

I'm sure your time here will be a experience for you as well as for me. I claim to be an expert, but with the extensive and ever changing tools and instruments in my arsenal, there's always something new, cool, and creative happening.

As a life long musician myself, I treat every recording project with great care and respect for the musical style, for bands, I keep an ear on playing in the pocket, in key, in tune, and most importantly with a good feel. While playing as a band, you'll enjoy your own customizable headphone mix, so you'll hear exactly what you need to hear, for an inspired performance.

For individual artists, I can take a rough idea and turn it into as little as a simple folk song, to as much as a full blown orchestral masterpiece! With an almost unlimited virtual instrument library, and over 35 years song writing experience, I can help you achieve your songs full potential.

If your music calls for instruments, musicians, or vocalists I can't affordably or tastefully duplicate, I'll give a call to one of the many people who can get the job done, assuming it's in your budget.

The recording equipment here at Pinetrax is absolutely second to none. Rest assured your performance is being captured with the utmost quality an attention to detail possible.

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